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The coronavirus pandemic announced by the WHO has also been one of the causes of the new crisis sweeping the world. In addition, due to the quarantine imposed in many countries, panic, unemployment and lack of money are increasing. Isolated people are looking for any way to earn money and, naturally, they turn to the Internet to do so. And while not everyone has the skills to make money exactly, investing, as most people believe, is something everyone can do.
Yes, investing on the Internet seems relatively simple: invest money and receive interest. But behind the apparent simplicity, there are downright fraudulent projects and high-risk areas to understand. And most importantly, remember that in times of crisis many things change, and the risks only increase proportionally. And it pays to be much more careful.
In this article, I want to share the main areas where you can invest money online, and break them down based on how relevant it is to invest there, how risky it is, and what is best for newcomers to investing online.
Where and how to invest money online.
There really aren’t many ways to invest money on the Internet. Moreover, all of them were before the crisis, and they are now. Only some conditions have changed, that’s all. The order of the directions I am going to talk about does not matter.
Investments in PAMM accounts
You can invest in PAMM accounts. It is affordable, understandable and profitable. Whether it’s worth it now is a debatable question. Volatility is very high and you can gain and lose quickly. In addition, there are absolutely no guarantees. None. I invest now in PAMM accounts – no. It is worth it for a beginner – it can be done for the future, but with the obligatory study of what it is, how it works, with the study of all risks and possibilities.
Investing in cryptocurrencies
I invest in cryptocurrencies through a cryptocurrency exchange.
Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies now – yes, you can buy when the price drops.
Is it worth it for a beginner? I don’t recommend jumping in right away. But pick one or two cryptocurrencies, study them, find out what’s out there, and then buy when the time is right. Again, after detailed research – am I investing in cryptocurrencies now? Yes, I’m buying some. But cryptocurrency does not represent more than 10% of my portfolio, because the asset is very risky. I buy and hold XRP and Bitcoin.
Investments in stocks and bonds.
Odeon is one of the most interesting areas for me. I buy stocks and bonds through a broker. And while it’s best to refrain from buying bonds at this time, even though they generate coupon income, stocks are definitely worth a closer look. Many spheres, due to the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, have lost value and are selling at very tempting prices. But to start investing in stocks, you have to study some information, and this is a must. But it is the most realistic, not fake, way to invest money.
Investing in HYIPs
Investing in HYIPs. A slippery subject as HYIPs are, let’s face it, pyramid schemes. There are some that close in a week or two and others that run for years, giving you the opportunity to make a very decent profit. Is it worth investing money in HYIPs now – my opinion is that it is risky. During the crisis only money is withdrawn, many projects are closed. For a newcomer, it’s a topic you shouldn’t even think about.
Here are some basic areas in which you can invest money and which are within the reach of almost everyone. Although they all differ slightly in terms of conditions and the amount of knowledge needed to get started, they all have one thing in common: they work.
Is it worthwhile now, in the midst of the crisis, to start investing money? I will share my purely subjective opinion. If you are serious about it, you want to create and increase your capital, then you can start at any time. And the crisis, on the contrary, can serve as an excellent starting point and stimulus.